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Read Celestial Bloodline Novel By _Orange_ / Synopsis

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Cover Celestial Bloodline Novel By _Orange_

Celestial Bloodline By _Orange_ - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read Celestial Bloodline By _Orange_ PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

Very suitable for those of you who are looking for the latest novel recommendations, but don't know what novel to read.

In babasmedia you can read novels online for free, either via an android phone by opening a chrome browser or safari which provides paid and free novel reading services.

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Detail Novel

Title: Celestial Bloodline
Author: _Orange_
Publisher: MegaNovel

Synopsis Novel Celestial Bloodline By _Orange_

On a peaceful planet filled with magic and power, Kyle's life was lazy and ordinary. However, everything changed when he turned 16.

As ridiculous as it sounded, his brothers' who were fed up with his laziness wanted to teach him a lesson. They secretly planned to send him to take the entrance test of one of the biggest academies. So, their lazy brother would get some sense by getting a good beating.

Kyle was stunned but due to their coordinated planning, he agreed with an aggrieved look.

"It's not like I will pass the test. So, trying it for the sake of experience isn't a big deal."

"The only problem is that I won't be able to guarantee that my body parts will stay intact until the end of the entrance test."

However, to Kyle's shock, he passed the test even without lifting a finger!

Kyle sighed because he was sure he would be chased out from the Acadmey sooner or later due to his lack of strength but the moment he entered the Acadmey he found something incredible about himself.

He was special and nature favorite.

Moreover, his academic life was filled with a lot of shocking surprises, powerful classmates who had their secrets, new knowledge, and unfathomable events.

Amidst his small journey to pursue strength, he was unaware of a great danger present within his body.

Also, in the distant future, the seemingly peaceful planet would become an arena of a bloody battlefield.

Would Kyle be able to become strong enough to protect the ones dear to him? Or will he stop in the middle of his journey?

It's a secret and you need to follow Kyle to know more about him.




[#I am gonna try my best but I think there will be a lot of grammar mistakes cuz I'm not an english person (; but everyone is welcome to point out the mistakes. So, I could correct them.]


(#It's my first time writing so I know the story is not going to be a perfect one QAQ. Plz support me with ps, gt and gifts, THANK YOU)

(Note: The cover is not mine, found it from pinterest. All credits go to the owner who can ring me up in the comment section if he/she wants me to remove it.)


Celestial Bloodline is a fantasy light novel that follows the adventures of Kyle, a lazy and ordinary boy who discovers his hidden potential and talent after passing the entrance test of a prestigious academy. He soon realizes that he has a special bloodline that grants him extraordinary abilities and power. However, he also faces a great danger within his body and a looming threat to his planet. Along the way, he meets various friends, enemies, and love interests who have their own secrets and stories.

The novel has received positive reviews from readers who praised its humor, action, romance, and plot twists. Some of the common themes in the novel are magic, adventure, academy, weak to strong, overpowered, comedy, and the strong acting weak. The novel has 280 chapters and is still ongoing.


Some of the main characters in the novel are:


The protagonist of the novel. He is a lazy and carefree boy who likes to sleep and eat. He has a low talent for magic and is often bullied by his brothers. However, he has a rare and powerful bloodline that allows him to learn and master any skill or magic. He is also very lucky and often finds himself in favorable situations. He is kind and loyal to his friends and family, but ruthless to his enemies. He has a crush on Alice, a beautiful and mysterious girl who is also his classmate.


The female lead of the novel. She is a beautiful and mysterious girl who has a cold and aloof personality. She is one of the top students in the academy and has a high talent for ice magic. She is also the princess of the Ice Kingdom, a powerful nation that is allied with Kyle’s planet. She has a secret identity and a hidden agenda that is related to Kyle’s bloodline. She gradually falls in love with Kyle as they spend more time together.


Kyle’s best friend and roommate. He is a cheerful and outgoing boy who likes to joke and tease others. He has a talent for fire magic and is good at fighting. He is also a prince of the Fire Kingdom, another powerful nation that is allied with Kyle’s planet. He is loyal and supportive of Kyle and often helps him out of trouble. He has a crush on Luna, a cute and shy girl who is also his classmate.


Kyle’s friend and classmate. She is a cute and shy girl who likes to read and study. She has a talent for light magic and is good at healing. She is also a princess of the Light Kingdom, another powerful nation that is allied with Kyle’s planet. She is kind and gentle to everyone and often worries about Kyle and his friends. She has a crush on Leo, but is too timid to confess her feelings.

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How To Read and Download Celestial Bloodline Novel PDF

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