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Under Mafia Protection Novel By Chay Tamika / Read and Synopsis

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Cover Under Mafia Protection Novel By Chay Tamika

Under Mafia Protection Novel By Chay Tamika - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read Under Mafia Protection Novel By Chay Tamika, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

Very suitable for those of you who are looking for the latest novel recommendations, but don't know what novel to read.

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Detail Novel

Title: Under Mafia Protection
Author: Chay Tamika
Publisher: GoodNovel
Ratings: 10
Genre: Mafia
Language: English

Synopsis Under Mafia Protection Novel By Chay Tamika

"From now on, you're my fiancée, and my fiancée should live with me. Don't talk, don't ask questions. Just obey," he spoke. "When you come to the mansion tomorrow, I expect to see you in your casual clothes and with your suitcases." 

- When Jimena, a young single mother with a dark past and a violent ex she's desperate to forget, crosses paths with Alessio Fanucci, a dangerous mafia heir, her world is turned upside down. All she wanted was to get by working as a maid at the Fanucci mansion and to keep her distance from the three infamous Fanucci brothers as much as possible.

Things take a turn when the oldest brother and heir, Alessio, breaks off his arranged engagement with his ex and urgently needs a new one. Alessio, cold, ruthless, dominant, and not someone anyone talks back to, sees the quiet Jimena as nothing more than his pawn. Meanwhile, she sees Alessio as nothing more than another monster she needs to escape.

As they spend more time together, the lines between fake and reality begin to blur, and they discover they have more in common than they initially thought. Tensions rise when Jimena's ex returns, threatening her new comfortable life and the secrets she’s been withholding.

He is out for revenge and is determined to go to any length for it, even if that means allying with the Fanuccis' enemy, who happens to be the family of Alessio’s ex. With a war, untold truths, and feelings at stake, will Jimena’s newly formed bonds keep standing, or will everything around her crumble?


The novel follows Jimena, a single mother with a dark past, who becomes entangled with Alessio Fanucci, the heir to a mafia empire. Initially working as a maid in the Fanucci mansion, Jimena is coerced into posing as Alessio’s fiancée to help him escape an arranged engagement. As they navigate this charade, their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, leading to a complex relationship amid danger and family secrets.


“Under Mafia Protection” is a tale of survival, power dynamics, and the blurred lines between deception and truth. The narrative explores Jimena’s struggle for independence and safety, and Alessio’s journey from cold-hearted mafia heir to a man capable of love and vulnerability.

Critical Reception:

The novel has received positive feedback for its engaging plot and character development. Readers have appreciated the transformation of the lead characters and the suspenseful elements that keep the story compelling.


The central theme revolves around the concept of protection—both as a form of control and as a means of safety. It delves into the idea of whether one can find sanctuary in the arms of danger and how love can emerge from the most unlikely places.


The plot is well-constructed, with twists and turns that maintain the reader’s interest. It effectively combines elements of romance, suspense, and drama, set against the backdrop of the mafia world.


Jimena: A resilient protagonist, her journey from a victim of abuse to a strong, independent woman is central to the story.

Alessio Fanucci: The male lead, whose transformation from a ruthless mafia heir to a protective lover forms the crux of his character arc.

The Fanucci Family: Each member adds depth to the narrative, from the playboy Dante to the unruly Gian, and the young Melody.

Novel Quotes: 

From now on, you’re my fiancée, and my fiancée should live with me. Don’t talk, don’t ask questions. Just obey,” — a line that encapsulates the power dynamic between Jimena and Alessio.

Author Introduction: 

Chay Tamika is an author who delves into the complexities of human emotions and relationships set against the high-stakes world of crime and power.

Writing Style: 

Tamika’s writing is immersive, with a focus on vivid descriptions and emotional depth. The narrative is paced to build tension and develop characters gradually.

Point of View:

The novel is primarily told from Jimena’s perspective, allowing readers to connect deeply with her experiences and emotions.

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How To Read Under Mafia Protection Novel

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