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MY POSSESSIVE MATE Novel By Jade.h.v / Read and Synopsis

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Cover MY POSSESSIVE MATE Novel By Jade.h.v

MY POSSESSIVE MATE Novel By Jade.h.v - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read MY POSSESSIVE MATE Novel By Jade.h.v, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

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Detail Novel

Author: Jade.h.v
Publisher: InKitt
Ratings: 4.9 - 5
Genre: Werewolf
Language: English

Synopsis MY POSSESSIVE MATE Novel By Jade.h.v

A GALATEA NOVEL - 3 chapter preview :

I knew Ryder before he became my Mate. He was my bully in school. But now, he's the one I adore, cherish and would die for. He's the warrior who protects me as much as he can. The lover who consumes me in lust. The brother fighting a war. The Alpha dominating others and defending what is his, his pack, his life and his Mate. 


Milly's a normal human, thinking she's living in a normal world but when her former bully coincidently finds her in a coffee shop, he claims that she's his Mate but she thinks he's crazy. When she doesn't go willingly, he forces her in the event of kidnapping her. But when things go south, she's forced into a war among Alphas. Who will Milly lose, gain, love, hate and kill?


In this captivating werewolf novel, Milly, a seemingly ordinary human, encounters Ryder, her former high school bully. But Ryder is no longer the tormentor she remembers; he’s now a werewolf, and he claims that Milly is his destined mate. As their worlds collide, Milly is thrust into a war among Alphas, where love and conflict intertwine.


The story revolves around Milly and Ryder. Milly grapples with her newfound connection to Ryder, who protects her fiercely as her Mate. Their relationship evolves from animosity to passion, and they face challenges together in a world of supernatural beings.

Critical Reception:

My Possessive Mate” has garnered positive reviews, with readers praising its compelling plot, strong characters, and engaging writing style. The tension between love and war keeps readers hooked throughout the story.

Theme and Message:

The novel explores themes of love, destiny, and sacrifice. It emphasizes that love and war are intertwined, representing the peaks of human emotion.


The plot unfolds as Milly navigates her unexpected bond with Ryder, discovering her own strength and resilience. The conflict escalates as Alphas clash, and Milly must choose her path.


Milly: A normal human thrust into a supernatural world.

Ryder: Her former bully turned werewolf Mate.

Other Alphas and pack members play crucial roles in the unfolding drama.

Novel Quotes:

While I don’t have specific quotes from the novel, the emotional intensity and memorable moments resonate with readers.

Author Background:

Jade.h.v skillfully weaves romance and fantasy, creating a captivating world for readers. Unfortunately, I don’t have further details about the author’s background.

Writing Style:

Jade.h.v’s writing style balances action, emotion, and suspense. The pacing keeps readers engaged, and the vivid descriptions enhance the supernatural elements.

Point of View:

The novel likely employs a dual point of view, allowing readers to experience both Milly’s and Ryder’s perspectives.

Review Reader:

Readers have praised the book’s mature content, compelling plot, and well-developed characters. The tension between love and war adds depth to the narrative.

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    My Possessive Mate” combines romance, fantasy, and suspense, making it an enjoyable read for fans of werewolf stories. If you’re drawn to passionate relationships and supernatural conflicts, this novel is worth exploring

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Read MY POSSESSIVE MATE Novel By Jade.h.v klick here

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