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Read Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna by sprachi12 Novel Free Full Episode

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Novel Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna by sprachi12

Welcome to BabasMedia.com! Explore the captivating world of "Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna" by sprachi12, an enticing werewolf romance novel. This exclusive tale can be discovered solely on Goodnovel, a premier platform dedicated to online reading and writing. With an impressive rating of 9.7 out of 10 on Goodnovel, it stands as one of the genre's most beloved and popular novels.

Within the pages of this novel unfolds the gripping narrative of Nimo, a formidable Alpha who dismisses his destined mate, Soleil, convinced of her weakness and lack of worthiness. His actions extend to public humiliation and her expulsion from the pack. However, remorse soon engulfs him as he awakens to the realization that Soleil not only embodies his true mate but also bears the lineage of the Moon Goddess, endowed with extraordinary gifts and powers. Determined to reclaim her heart, Nimo embarks on a pursuit fraught with obstacles and adversaries. Meanwhile, Soleil undergoes a transformative journey, emerging stronger and more self-assured, harboring a secret that could alter their fates forever.

This spellbinding narrative is a tapestry of drama, suspense, action, and romance, interwoven with themes of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and destiny. Comprising 40 captivating chapters and updated regularly, "Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna" beckons you to immerse yourself in its rich storytelling. To embark on this journey, simply search for the title or author on Goodnovel or follow the link provided. While exploring the novel, you'll have the opportunity to delve into reviews and comments shared by fellow readers who have savored the tale.

If your passion lies in the realm of werewolf romance novels, don't miss the chance to explore "The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where is Mommy?" by sprachi12, another compelling work by this author. This narrative follows Ethlyn, a rejected Luna who must navigate the challenges of raising her pup alone after her mate abandons her. You can find this enchanting story on AlphaNovel or by following the provided link.

Prepare to be transported into a world teeming with romance, drama, action, and fantasy as you delve into "Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna" by sprachi12 and other captivating novels penned by this talented author.

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Detail Novel

Title:Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna

Synopsis Novel Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna by sprachi12

Felicity Amee Taylor loved Massimo De Luca, the future Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack, from the moment she didn't even know the meaning of love. So, when he asked her to marry him, She didn’t think twice before saying yes. Only to realize that Massimo wanted just a perfect Luna for his pack, nothing more than that.

She did what Massimo expected of her in the hope of him falling in love with her someday. But her hope was shattered like pieces of glass when Massimo found his fated mate. "Thank you for being an amazing Luna, Amee, and handling my pack.

Now, it's time to step down from your position and also to reject each other." Soon, Massimo realized the value of Felicity only after losing it. Before he could undo the mistake that he had made, she disappeared from his life like thin air. * Years later, their paths accidentally crossed. "Please give me a chance, Amee." "Why? So that you can toss me again by saying ‘Thank you." She asked coldly.

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Read Novel Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna by sprachi12 PDF Free klick here

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