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Read My Dearest Treasure Novel By Frieda / Synopsis

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Cover My Dearest Treasure Novel By Frieda

My Dearest Treasure By Frieda - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read My Dearest Treasure By Frieda PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read. .

Very suitable for those of you who are looking for the latest novel recommendations, but don't know what novel to read.

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The novel Cover My Dearest Treasure by Frieda is a unique and heartwarming story about love, loss, and the power of memories. The novel follows the story of a woman who is grieving the loss of her husband and finds solace in the memories of their life together.

The novel is unique in its premise and characters. The author has created a believable and relatable world where the characters are faced with difficult choices and must learn to cope with loss. The plot is moving and emotional, but also hopeful and uplifting.

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Detail Novel

Title: My Dearest Treasure
Author: Frieda
Publisher: Noveltells
Ratings: -
Genre: Romance
Language: English

Synopsis Novel My Dearest Treasure By Frieda

No work, no ability, no sense of existence, even the husband’s heart is not the waste should be clean out of the house, go to the father to leave the daughter, get rid of the big family West?

The city people sit and wait to see Erica’s jokes, West family more threatened: not three days she will obediently take her daughter back to kneel for compound.

What? She’s a top Internet celebrity with tens of millions of followers? Ke? You started a $100 billion company? Who are you fooling? Oh, my God!

She’s the god of racing, too! One day, when the reporter interviewed her, she interviewed her daughter: “No father to participate in the growth, will it be sad?” “More happy.”

Sitting in front of the TV, Morgan had never seen his daughter smile so happily, and his heart suddenly turned sour.

“Parents without love are neither sweet nor beautiful, we don’t want them.” Erica eyes bright, but the pupil can no longer reflect the man called Morgan.

Later, Morgan know a secret, just know their white moonlight should be her.

Free Preview Novel My Dearest Treasure

Chapter 1

"Morgan, please, come back with me."

In the box, Erica lowered her voice, indifferent to the mocking glances around her.

Her husband, Morgan West, stood up with a rigid expression, his face pale, and walked out the door.

He led Erica into another box.

"I don't care about going back to commemorate what they call our wedding anniversary. Take this and go shopping instead!" He coldly took out a bank card from his wallet and threw it on the table in front of her.

Without wasting another second, he left.

"Morgan!" Erica hastily grabbed his coat, "If I were to say that my past lack of integrity was not for my own benefit, would you believe me?"

"Do you believe it?" Morgan retorted, his lips carrying a sarcastic undertone, "Could it be because of me?"

Of course because of him!

If he could remember the past, he would understand everything.

But unfortunately, he had forgotten.

His memory loss made every explanation from her sound ridiculous and embarrassing.

Erica felt sad and on the verge of collapse.

The alarm clock rang.

It was twelve p.m. their wedding anniversary was over!

This also means that the time she set to let go has come.

Even so, she wanted to make a last-ditch effort.


Before she could finish her sentence, the phone made a "ding" sound.

As she looked down, she saw a photo of two people embracing on the bed.

The man in the photo was the man standing in front of her, her husband, Morgan West!

Ha, Morgan had become despicable.

She didn't want that despicable man!

"Let's get divorced."

At this moment, she finally made up her mind.

Erica silently let go of his arm.

Morgan turned his head in surprise, looking at Erica, unable to believe that the woman who had obediently begged him to stay with her on their anniversary just a second ago was now saying such words.

But how could a smart and discerning woman like her overlook the position of Mrs. West and his money?

"The password is one to eight!" After saying that, Morgan turned his head away, no longer looking at her.

Erica bowed her head, looking at the card, her lips tightly pressed with bitterness.

She had spent four years proving to him that she loved him, not the position of Mrs. West and his money.

And she had waited fifteen days for him to make a decision between family and lover.

In the end, she had lost all!

When it was time to put in the effort, she gave it all.

When it was time to end it, she couldn't be weak and hesitant!

She quickly stepped out and blocked Morgan at the elevator door, placing a divorce agreement on him, "I am serious about the divorce, I don't want a penny from the West family, I don't want any of your money!"

After Erica finished speaking, she only heard a "thud" as the divorce agreement was thrown into the trash can.

"Understand the situation before going crazy!" he said, becoming extremely impatient.

Erica knew that, like others in the West family, he believed she had no culture, no education, no background, and no job, and that if she left him, she would surely be unable to survive.

"Don't worry, I know very well about my situation." She picked up the agreement, brushed it lightly, and handed it back to him. "It's too late now to go through the procedures. Let's meet tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. I’ll see you there."

After saying that, she walked out.

As she descended to the lower floor, she let go of all her efforts, leaned against the wall, and breathed heavily.

Being used to crawling under his feet, such actions required a bit of courage.

Deciding to give up was overwhelming.

Separating from the person she had loved for nearly ten years, resolutely leaving, was painful indeed.

"Oh..." Sitting there for a long time, she stood up and looked at her own weak reflection in the mirror.

Spending four and a half years proving that a man couldn't love her, perhaps this was the worst deal she had ever made in her life.

The next morning, Erica went to the Civil Affairs Office.

She waited until eleven o'clock without seeing any sign of Morgan.

During the waiting process, she called him several times, but received no answer.

Knowing he was busy, Erica still went to his company, hoping that today would resolve everything.

Upon arriving at the company building, she saw him standing below, bowing to a car, opening the car door with one hand and covering the upper part of the car door with the other.

A woman got carefully into the car.

When the woman turned to look back, Erica clearly saw her face—it was the woman Morgan could never forget.

Erica smiled lightly, her lips forming a mocking smile.

She had thought he didn't want a divorce because he was busy, but the result was that he was going with the woman in his heart.

In the past half month when that woman had returned, he had been with her all that time, yet he still didn't grown weary?

The car carrying the woman in Morgan’s heart drove away, and Erica quickly approached him, "I've been waiting for you. Even if you're busy, you can't delay the divorce proceedings."

Seeing her, Morgan's eyebrows quickly furrowed, his eyes filled with impatience as usual. "The company is evaluating some important projects, and no negative news can be spread!"

This reason... Erica found it truly laughable.

Compared to divorcing her, negative news about the cheating news between him and the woman in his heart would probably be even worse.

Before she could say anything, Morgan's assistant rushed over and said there was an important task that needed his attention.

The two of them quickly left.

Then, Morgan lost contact once again.

She didn't want to wait any longer.

Erica could only send him a message, asking him to consider showing proper behavior for the sake of their four years of marriage.

And she included the meeting time.

In the afternoon, when she arrived at the Civil Affairs Office on time, she actually saw Morgan.

He stood in front of the car, his attractive and independent appearance resembling a painting.

Even though they were getting divorced, Erica was still drawn to him.

Immediately after, bitterness followed.

If she had known it would end up like this, perhaps she wouldn't have made that risky decision?

Erica subconsciously touched her left eye, almost no one knowing that she had lost the ability to see with her left eye.

Suppressing the complex emotions inside, she quickly approached, handing the divorce agreement back to him. "I have signed it, you just need to sign and then we can go through the procedure."

Morgan became rigid for a moment, then said nothing more, and signed.

The procedure proceeded quickly, with the two of them filling out several forms, and the staff stamping them.

"The two of you have a thirty-day consideration period. Within thirty days, if either of you doesn't want to proceed with the divorce, it can be revoked."

The staff did not issue them a divorce certificate; they had to wait for the legally mandated period to end.

"Is it possible to skip the consideration period and directly issue the divorce certificate?" She asked, wanting to resolve everything quickly.

"No, it's not allowed." The staff shook their head.

Erica could only look at Morgan, Morgan said nothing and walked out of the room.

She had no choice but to receive the notification paper and sign.

Morgan couldn't regret this divorce, it was just delaying the issuance of the certificate.

After it was over, she quickly caught up to Morgan. "Morgan, let's meet after a month..."

Before she could finish saying "momth," Morgan forcefully closed the car door.

The car drove away, leaving only a cold gust of wind behind.

Erica had no other option but to shake her head in discontent. A divorce that was still so selfish, not worth it.

Standing in place for a while, she made a phone call. "I'm divorced, come pick me up."

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