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Read Lucian's Regret (Unknown Wolf Series 1-3) Novel By TracyLian / Synopsis

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Novel Lucian's Regret (Unknown Wolf Series 1-3) by TracyLian

Lucian's Regret (Unknown Wolf Series 1-3) by TracyLian - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read Lucian's Regret (Unknown Wolf Series 1-3) by TracyLian PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read. .

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Lucian’s Regret (Unknown Wolf Series 1-3) is a novel by TracyLian, a writer on Dreame, a platform for online reading and writing. The novel is a collection of three books in the Unknown Wolf Series, which are:

Lucian’s Regret: The story of Aurora, a young woman who has been mistreated by her whole family and forced into a marriage with Lucian, a neighbouring Alpha who also believes she is wolfless and doesn’t want her. Even when she finds out he is her mate, he rejects her and treats her cruelly. Will he ever regret his actions and realize her true worth?

The Unknown Wolf: The story of Luca, Lucian’s brother and Beta, who falls in love with Mia, a mysterious girl who has a secret identity and a powerful wolf. She is on the run from her past and has to hide her true self from everyone. Will Luca be able to protect her and accept her for who she is?

The Luna’s Unknown Strength: The story of Jessica, Lucian’s childhood friend and former lover, who is betrayed by him and left heartbroken. She finds solace in the arms of Alex, the Alpha of another pack, who also happens to be Lucian’s enemy. She discovers that she has a rare gift that can change the fate of the werewolf world. Will she be able to use it for good or will she succumb to the darkness?

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Detail Novel

Title: Lucian's Regret (Unknown Wolf Series 1-3)
Author: TracyLian
Publisher: Dreme
Genre: Werewolf
Language: English
Cover Lucian's Regret (Unknown Wolf Series 1-3)

Synopsis Novel Lucian's Regret (Unknown Wolf Series 1-3) by TracyLian

Aurora is a young woman who has been mistreated by her whole family. Since the death of her mother and the appearance of her stepmother and sister, her life has changed for the worse. Pretending to be wolfless to hide her unique wolf proved to cause even more problems for her as her family and pack mates hated her more for it.

Forced into a marriage with a neighbouring Alpha who also believes she is wolfless and doesn’t want the marriage either makes her life go from one hell to another. Even when she finds out he is her mate.


I get in the car with Mr Happy, and three other people who seem much more friendly they all introduce themselves to me, it’s nice they are not all assholes.

“just so you know, I didn’t want this marriage, and I didn’t want you. There will be rules when we get back to the pack. We won’t be sleeping in the same room, you have no say in my life or my pack, and you stay out of my life” he growls.

“My my aren’t you charming and such a catch” I taunt, causing a couple of choked laughs “for starters I didn’t want this either I wasn’t given a choice, I am happy to stay away from you we can reject each other you can sleep with whoever you want and so can i” I sneer at him.

“How dare you, who do you think you are a worthless wolfless girl, thinking you are better than me” he roars.

I sit and laugh at him“if that’s what you want to think, fine by me, I was just trying to sort the best solution for both of us according to your charming rules” I say condescendingly.

“I will decide if there is to be any rejection, not you. I make the rules, and you follow, do I make myself clear” He shouts.

“Oh crystal clear Alpha, anything else sir” I sneer.

“Just f*****g sit there quietly. I can’t be bothered with you for now” he growls. We spend the rest of the journey in silence.

Athena is sad and whimpering in my head about her mate being horrible and wants to let him know she is there. “no we can’t tell him, he doesn’t want us, if we have a wolf or not it won’t make a difference he’s an asshole” I warn her“what will we do Aurora” she asks“survive and not put up with anyone’s sh.it” I say firmly “we are much stronger than they realise we won’t let them drag us down” I add.

*This is now a collection of all three books in the Unknown Wolf Series so if you have any of them already in your library and unlocked you may not want to unlock the whole book at once. It consists of:

Lucian's Regret

The Unknown Wolf

The Luna’s Unknown Strength

Series Overview

The "Unknown Wolf Series" is a captivating tale of forbidden love, betrayal, and the enduring power of redemption. Set in a world where humans and wolves co-exist, the series follows the tumultuous journey of Lucian, an alpha wolf who grapples with the consequences of his past actions.

Lucian's Regret (Book 1)

Lucian, the alpha of the Silvercrest pack, is a man haunted by regret. Years ago, he made a decision that led to the death of his beloved mate, Serena, and the destruction of his pack. Consumed by guilt and self-loathing, Lucian has isolated himself from the world, his once vibrant spirit dimmed by the weight of his past.

However, Lucian's solitude is shattered when he encounters Anya, a human woman with an uncanny resemblance to Serena. Anya's presence stirs something deep within Lucian, a flicker of hope amidst the darkness that has consumed him.

Despite the forbidden nature of their connection, Lucian and Anya find themselves drawn to each other, their hearts yearning for something more than just companionship. However, their love is fraught with danger, as Lucian's past threatens to resurface and tear them apart.

The Unknown Wolf (Book 2)

As Lucian and Anya's bond deepens, they face increasing scrutiny from both the human and wolf worlds. Lucian's enemies seek to exploit his troubled past, while Anya's family struggles to accept her relationship with a wolf.

Amidst the growing animosity, Lucian must confront his inner demons and make amends for the mistakes he has made. He must prove his worth as a leader and protector, not only to his pack but also to Anya, the woman who has rekindled hope in his heart.

Redemption's Embrace (Book 3)

In the final installment of the series, Lucian and Anya face their ultimate test. A powerful force threatens to disrupt the delicate balance between humans and wolves, and Lucian must unite the warring factions to prevent a devastating conflict.

As the battle lines are drawn, Lucian must confront his deepest fears and embrace his true potential. He must lead his pack with courage and wisdom, and he must protect Anya, the woman who has shown him the path to redemption.


  • Forbidden love
  • Betrayal
  • Redemption
  • Self-discovery
  • Overcoming adversity


  • Lucian: The alpha of the Silvercrest pack, a man haunted by regret who seeks redemption.
  • Anya: A human woman with an uncanny resemblance to Lucian's lost mate, Serena.
  • Supporting cast: A group of characters who play significant roles in the series' progression.

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   The "Unknown Wolf Series" is a captivating tale of love, loss, and the enduring power of redemption. TracyLian's masterful storytelling transports readers into a world of intrigue, danger, and the unwavering belief in the possibility of change. It is a series that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.    

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Read Novel Lucian's Regret (Unknown Wolf Series 1-3) by TracyLian PDF Free klick here

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