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Read The 70 Million Bride Novel By Glen Kelley / Synopsis And Summary

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Cover The 70 Million Bride Novel By Glen Kelley

The 70 Million Bride By Glen Kelley - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read The 70 Million Bride By Glen Kelley PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read. .

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The 70 Million Bride is a captivating novel by Glen Kelley, published by Joyread. The story revolves around the unconventional marriage of Liam Henderson, a wealthy businessman, and Abbie Marshall, a seemingly ordinary woman.

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Detail Novel

TitleThe 70 Million Bride
AuthorGlen Kelley
GenreRomance, Mystery
Setting: Modern-day
Tone:Intriguing, Thought-provoking, Emotional
Style: Engaging, Descriptive, Character-driven

Synopsis Novel The 70 Million Bride By Glen Kelley

Rumors were swirling about Liam Henderson’s clandestine marriage, fueled by the belief that his wife lacked conventional beauty.

Their contract was clear: “Fulfill your obligations, and in ten years, we part ways.” But Liam dismissed the very pact they had signed, holding her close while uttering another woman’s name.

Abbie Marshall couldn’t help but scoff. To her, the idea of him having an affair was almost preferable to the arrangement he proposed.

The consensus among onlookers was unanimous: how could someone like Abbie be worthy of Liam?

Yet, what unfolded after the divorce left everyone utterly stunned. The astonishing truth emerged that Liam’s former spouse had assumed a multitude of identities, from a prominent medical mogul to a renowned pianist, a tech wizard, a royal princess, a financial magnate, and even a top-tier athlete.

As news of this revelation spread like wildfire, the shockwaves reverberated widely. Many couldn’t fathom why Liam would have ever let Abbie go.

Now, witness Liam’s nightly ritual as he kneels outside Abbie’s door, desperate to seek her forgiveness and rekindle their relationship.


Rumors abound about Liam Henderson's clandestine marriage, fueled by the belief that his wife, Abbie Marshall, lacks conventional beauty. Their marriage is bound by a ten-year contract, and upon its expiration, they will part ways. However, Liam's actions, including uttering another woman's name while holding Abbie close, suggest that he is not entirely committed to their arrangement.

Abbie, unfazed by Liam's behavior, scoffs at the idea of him having an affair, considering it almost preferable to the cold, transactional relationship they share.

The public remains perplexed by the pairing of Liam, a successful businessman, and Abbie, an seemingly ordinary woman. They question how Abbie could possibly be worthy of Liam.

Following their divorce, a shocking revelation emerges: Abbie Marshall is not who she seems. She has assumed a multitude of identities, including a prominent medical mogul, a renowned pianist, a tech wizard, a royal princess, a financial magnate, and even a top-tier athlete.

As news of Abbie's secret identities spreads, the public is left stunned. Many cannot understand why Liam would have ever let Abbie go.

Driven by regret and a desire to rekindle their relationship, Liam embarks on a nightly ritual of kneeling outside Abbie's door, desperately seeking her forgiveness.

Critical Reception

"The 70 Million Bride" has been praised for its intriguing plot, well-developed characters, and exploration of themes such as love, identity, and self-discovery.


  • The true meaning of beauty: The novel challenges conventional notions of beauty, suggesting that there is more to a person than their physical appearance.
  • The power of identity: Abbie's multiple identities highlight the fluidity of identity and the importance of embracing one's true self.
  • The transformative power of love: Liam's transformation from a self-absorbed businessman to a man seeking redemption is driven by his love for Abbie.


  • Liam Henderson: A successful businessman who initially underestimates the depth of Abbie's character.
  • Abbie Marshall: A woman of remarkable intelligence and resourcefulness who hides her true identity for personal reasons.
  • The public: A collective of individuals who question the unconventional relationship between Liam and Abbie.

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