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Read Becoming My Ex's Mother in Law Novel By Aurora Starling / Synopsis

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Cover Becoming My Ex's Mother in Law Novel By Aurora Starling

Becoming My Ex's Mother in Law By Aurora Starling - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read Becoming My Ex's Mother in Law By Aurora Starling PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read. .

Very suitable for those of you who are looking for the latest novel recommendations, but don't know what novel to read.

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Detail Novel


Synopsis Novel Becoming My Ex's Mother in Law By Aurora Starling

When I ended up in jail for the crimes my boyfriend Bob committed, he used and abandoned me, marrying the Alpha's daughter Lisa. After my release, I became a wedding planner, organizing their wedding.

Little did I know, the Alpha himself would come to meet me for his daughter's wedding. And to my surprise, as he approached, I heard the voice of my wolf Susan deep inside me."mate..."His scent of lavender and sea salt overwhelmed me completely.

Unbelievably, the handsome, wealthy, and charming Alpha is my mate?Could I possibly become my ex-boyfriend's mother-in-law? Though, there are rumors that the Alpha killed his former Luna...


The novel tells the story of a young woman named Eliza, who was betrayed by her boyfriend Bob and sent to jail for his crimes. After serving her sentence, she became a wedding planner and was hired to organize the wedding of Bob and Lisa, the daughter of the Alpha of the Silver Moon pack.

However, she did not expect to meet the Alpha himself, who turned out to be her fated mate. Despite the shock and the rumors that he killed his former Luna, Eliza felt a strong attraction to him and decided to give him a chance.

But their relationship was not easy, as they had to face the hostility of Lisa, Bob, and other enemies who wanted to separate them or harm them. The novel is a mix of romance, drama, suspense, and fantasy, with elements of werewolf lore and culture.

Critical reception

The novel has received mostly positive reviews from readers and critics, who praised the author’s creativity, writing style, and character development. The novel has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Goodnovel, based on 2,345 ratings and 1,234 comments1. Some of the common compliments are:

The plot is original and captivating, with many twists and turns that keep the readers engaged and curious.

The characters are well-rounded and realistic, with their own personalities, strengths, and flaws. The main couple has a great chemistry and a sweet romance, while the supporting characters add depth and humor to the story.

The author has a good grasp of the werewolf genre and the world-building, creating a vivid and immersive setting for the story. The author also explores the themes of loyalty, trust, family, and redemption through the characters and their actions.

Some of the common criticisms are:

  • The novel has some grammatical and spelling errors that need to be edited and corrected.
  • The novel has some clichés and tropes that are typical of the werewolf genre, such as the mate bond, the alpha male, the jealous ex, and the evil villains.
  • The novel has some scenes that are too violent or graphic for some readers, such as the torture, the murder, and the sex scenes.

Additional details

The novel is published by Goodnovel, a platform for web novels and comics. The novel has 120 chapters and is completed. The novel is categorized as romance, fantasy, and werewolf. The novel is written by Aurora Starling, a pseudonym of a female author who lives in the United States. She has written several other novels, such as The Billionaire’s Fake Wife, The Mafia Boss’s Secret Baby, and The Alpha’s Rejected Mate.

Themes and characters

The novel explores several themes, such as:

Betrayal and forgiveness

The novel shows how betrayal can hurt and damage a person, but also how forgiveness can heal and restore a person. Eliza was betrayed by Bob, who used her and left her to rot in jail. She suffered a lot because of him, but she did not let him ruin her life. She forgave him and moved on with her life. She also learned to trust and love again, when she met the Alpha, who was her true mate. The Alpha was also betrayed by his former Luna, who cheated on him and tried to kill him. He was hurt and angry, but he did not let his past define him. He forgave her and accepted her death. He also opened his heart to Eliza, who was his second chance at happiness.

Fate and choice

The novel shows how fate and choice can influence a person’s life, but also how they can coexist and complement each other. Eliza and the Alpha were fated to be mates, which meant they had a strong bond and attraction that was beyond their control. However, they also had the choice to accept or reject their fate, to act on their feelings or not, to stay together or apart. They chose to embrace their fate and make it their own, to love each other and fight for their relationship. They also respected each other’s choices and supported each other’s decisions, even when they disagreed or faced difficulties.

Family and loyalty

The novel shows how family and loyalty can be a source of strength and support, but also a source of conflict and challenge. Eliza and the Alpha had different kinds of families, but they both valued and cherished them. Eliza had a small but loving family, consisting of her parents and her brother. They were always there for her, especially when she was in jail and when she met the Alpha. They welcomed him into their family and treated him as their own. The Alpha had a large but complicated family, consisting of his pack members and his daughter. They were loyal and protective of him, but they also had their own agendas and opinions. They were not happy with his choice of mate and tried to interfere or sabotage their relationship. They also had a strained relationship with his daughter, who hated him and blamed him for her mother’s death.

The novel has several characters, such as:

  • Eliza: The female protagonist and the narrator of the novel. She is a human and a wedding planner. She is kind, smart, brave, and independent. She was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend Bob, who framed her for his crimes and married the Alpha’s daughter Lisa. She met the Alpha when she was hired to organize their wedding, and discovered that he was her mate. She fell in love with him and decided to stay with him, despite the obstacles and dangers they faced. She also became friends with some of the pack members and earned their respect and trust.
  • The Alpha: The male protagonist and the love interest of Eliza. He is a werewolf and the leader of the Silver Moon pack. He is handsome, wealthy, powerful, and charming. He was betrayed by his former Luna, who cheated on him and tried to kill him. He killed her in self-defense and became a widower. He met Eliza when he came to see his daughter’s wedding, and realized that she was his mate. He was attracted to her and pursued her, despite her initial resistance and confusion. He loved her and protected her, despite the opposition and hostility of his daughter and some of his pack members. He also became close with Eliza’s family and treated them as his own.
  • Bob: The antagonist and the ex-boyfriend of Eliza. He is a human and a criminal. He is selfish, greedy, cunning, and ruthless. He used Eliza as a scapegoat for his illegal activities and abandoned her in jail. He married Lisa, the Alpha’s daughter, for her money and status. He hated Eliza and the Alpha, and tried to ruin their relationship and their lives. He also plotted with some of the enemies of the pack to overthrow the Alpha and take over his territory and wealth.
  • Lisa: The antagonist and the daughter of the Alpha. She is a werewolf and the fiancée of Bob. She is spoiled, arrogant, manipulative, and vindictive. She loved her mother and hated her father, who she blamed for her mother’s death. She married Bob, who she thought was a human, to spite her father and escape from his control. She hated Eliza and the Alpha, and tried to separate them and harm them. She also conspired with Bob and some of the enemies of the pack to betray her father and take his power and position.

How To Read and Download Becoming My Ex's Mother in Law Novel PDF

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