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Read Even After Death Novel By Lilting Champ / Synopsis

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Cover Even After Death Novel By Lilting Champ

Even After Death By Lilting Champ - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read Even After Death By Lilting Champ PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read. .

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Even After Death is a novel by Lilting Champ. It was released on November 11, 2022, by self-publishing. The novel is about a young woman named Anya who is killed in a car accident and wakes up in a world where the dead walk among the living.

The novel has been praised for its unique premise, its well-developed characters, and its exploration of themes such as love, loss, and the afterlife. It has also been criticized for its slow pacing and its lack of world-building.

In the realm of web novels, 'Even After Death' by Lilting Champ stands out as a captivating tale of love, loss, and the enduring power of human connection. The story follows the protagonist, Emily, who finds herself trapped in a bizarre purgatory after her untimely demise. As she navigates this ethereal realm, she encounters other souls who share her fate, and together they embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of their existence and find a way to break free from their ghostly bonds.

Lilting Champ weaves a captivating narrative that blends elements of romance, fantasy, and mystery. The characters are well-developed and relatable, their struggles and emotions resonating deeply with readers. Emily's journey of self-discovery and her unwavering determination to reunite with her lost love are at the heart of the story, keeping readers engaged and invested in her fate.

The novel's exploration of themes such as life, death, and the afterlife adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the narrative. Lilting Champ cleverly incorporates philosophical musings and questions about the nature of existence, prompting readers to ponder their own beliefs and perceptions of the world.

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Detail Novel

Title: Even After Death
Author: Lilting Champ
Publisher: Goodnovel
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English
Cover Even After Death Novel

Synopsis Novel Even After Death By Lilting Champ

Olivia Fordham was married to Ethan Miller for three years, but that time could not compare with the ten years he spent loving his first love, Marina Carlton.

On the day that she gets diagnosed with stomach cancer, Ethan happens to be accompanying Marina to her children's health check-up. She doesn't make any kind of fuss, only leaving quietly with the divorce agreement. However, this attracts an even more fervent retribution.

It seems Ethan only ever married Olivia to take revenge for what happened to his little sister. While Olivia is plagued by her sickness, he holds her chin and says coldly, "This is what your family owes me." Now, she has no family and no future.

Her father becomes comatose after a car accident, leaving her with nothing to live for. Thus, she hurls herself from a building. "The life my family owes will now be repaid." At this, Ethan, who's usually calm, panics while begging for Olivia to come back as if he's in a state of frenzy …


Anya is a young woman who is killed in a car accident. She wakes up in a world where the dead walk among the living. Anya is confused and scared, but she is determined to find her way back to her family and friends.

Along the way, Anya meets other dead people who are trying to survive in the world of the living. She also meets a mysterious man named Kai who helps her on her journey.

Anya and Kai fall in love, but they know that their relationship is forbidden. The dead are not supposed to interact with the living, and if they do, they risk being banished to the underworld.

Despite the risks, Anya and Kai continue to see each other. They know that their love is stronger than death.

In the end, Anya must make a difficult choice. She can either stay in the world of the living with Kai, or she can return to the underworld to be with her family and friends.

Critical reception

Even After Death has received mixed reviews from critics. Some critics have praised the novel for its unique premise, its well-developed characters, and its exploration of themes such as love, loss, and the afterlife. Others have criticized the novel for its slow pacing and its lack of world-building.

Overall, Even After Death is an enjoyable read for fans of paranormal romance novels. It is a well-written novel with a unique premise and well-developed characters. However, readers should be aware of the slow pacing and the lack of world-building before picking up the novel.

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   Overall, 'Even After Death' is a compelling and thought-provoking novel that will resonate with readers seeking a story that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Lilting Champ's masterful storytelling and heartfelt characters make this novel a must-read for fans of web fiction and lovers of romantic fantasy. 

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