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Read The Imposter Bride Novel By Sallie Woods / Synopsis

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Cover The Imposter Bride Novel By Sallie Woods

The Imposter Bride By Sallie Woods - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read The Imposter Bride By Sallie Woods PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read. .

Very suitable for those of you who are looking for the latest novel recommendations, but don't know what novel to read.

In babasmedia you can read novels online for free, either via an android phone by opening a chrome browser or safari which provides paid and free novel reading services.

The other version is written by Sallie Woods and was released on the Beenovel application. It is a romance novel that tells the story of a woman who is forced to marry a billionaire who has a secret agenda.

She hates him for his arrogance and cruelty, but she also feels a strange attraction to him. He wants to use her as a tool to get revenge on his enemy, who happens to be her ex-boyfriend

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can find it online at this website.

Detail Novel

Title: The Imposter Bride
Author: Sallie Woods
Publisher: Beenovel
Ratings: -
Genre: Romance
Language: English

Synopsis Novel The Imposter Bride By Sallie Woods

Due to a conspiracy, Natalia was forced to marry Magnus in place of her sister. During the day, he was sweet and caring, but at night, his intensity knew no bounds, his passion consuming her entirely. Magnus, I thought you couldn't walk? Did you lie to me? Only two of them are, he replied with a cheeky grin.

Desperate to break free, she said, Magnus, you married the wrong sister. Please let me go. Pulling her close with a playful smirk, he whispered, I have something fun planned for tonight. Ready to try?

Free Preview The Imposter Bride

Chapter 1

June in Melfort wasn't as sweltering as one might have imagined, given its proximity to the sea. But the unpredictable weather was enough to cause a fair share of frustration, and the sea breeze provided little relief.

Natalia sat on the balcony of her second-story study at dusk, gently stroking her heavily pregnant belly. “Just a few more weeks, my darling, and you'll be part of the world. Mommy will give you all her love.”

Perhaps this child was the only warmth in her life. She closed her eyes, letting her mind wander.

Her phone rang, breaking her reverie. It was a video call from Kendra, her sister. Natalia picked up the phone, instinctively opening the video. What she saw was a man and woman entwined in a passionate embrace.

"Magnus, be gentle!" the woman moaned, blushing.

The video lasted for three minutes, filled with the sounds of heavy breathing, soft cries, and laughter.

Her husband and sister were having an affair. Natalia laughed, a bitter sound that ended in a sob. She turned around, her hands instinctively going to her belly. She was trembling, and her legs were weak. As she tried to stand, her foot caught on the carpet, sending her tumbling to the floor.

The pain in her abdomen was sharp, making it hard to breathe. She tried to get up, but her vision was blurred with tears. Suddenly, the bedroom door swung open. "Ms. Natalia, what happened?" her maid cried.

Natalia's last memory before passing out was the sound of the butler's voice. "Call Mr. Magnus! Ms. Natalia is going into labor!"

When she woke up, the sterile white surroundings told her she was in a hospital. Where was her baby? She tried to sit up, but saw a nurse there, adjusting an IV drip.

"Ms. Natalia, you're awake," the nurse said, smiling.

Natalia tried to speak, but her throat was dry. The nurse held a cup of water to her lips. "What do you need, Ms. Natalia?"

"My baby..." Natalia's voice was barely a whisper.

The nurse hesitated, her eyes soft with sympathy. After adjusting the IV for Natalia, she said, "Get some rest, okay? If you need anything, just press the call button."

As she turned to leave, Natalia, with a voice raspy and strained, grabbed her arm. "Where's my baby? Bring him to me!"

"Mrs. Natalia... your baby... he didn't make it," the nurse replied, her eyes downcast.

"What did you just say?" Natalia felt as if a bucket of ice water had been poured over her.

"I'm so sorry, Mrs. Natalia. Due to premature complications and lack of oxygen, the baby didn't survive." Tears rolled down the nurse's cheeks.

Natalia clutched the nurse's arm tightly. "No, that can't be true! He was kicking and lively inside me! Bring him to me now!"

In her distress, Natalia pulled the IV from her arm, and without even putting on her shoes, she dashed out of her room. The nurse noticed the blood dripping from where the needle had been and tried to stop her. "Mrs. Natalia, please lie down! You're bleeding!"

"Leave me alone!"

With all the strength she could muster, Natalia pushed the nurse away and stumbled toward the nursery. She caught a doctor coming out and demanded, "Where's my baby? Doctor, where's my baby?"

The doctor paused, clearly recognizing her, "Mrs. Natalia, I'm so sorry. After you passed out, the baby didn't get enough oxygen. Please, you need to rest now. You can have another child in the future."

Natalia's arms fell to her sides, defeated. Tears streamed down her pale face. "My dear baby, are you leaving me too?"

Just then, the family butler, Linden, rushed in with a pair of shoes for Natalia. He'd only been gone for a moment, and she'd woken up. He quickly dialed Mr. Andersen's number.

While Linden was distracted, Natalia walked to the staircase and descended. She reached the entrance of the hospital and looked up at the sky, wondering if her child was up there waiting for her. Suddenly, a car screeched to a halt in front of the hospital. Magnus jumped out, leaving the car door open as he sprinted toward the elevators.

Natalia saw an opportunity and got into the driver's seat, closing the door behind her. Seeing the keys still in the ignition, a desperate smile crossed her face. The engine roared to life, and she sped away from the hospital.

When Magnus reached her room and found it empty, panic set in. Linden burst in, "Sir, Ms. Natalia is gone!"

"Where did she go? She was just awake!" Magnus's heart raced, a foreboding feeling washed over him.

Rushing to the balcony, Magnus spotted his car, now leaving the hospital grounds. Without thinking, he jumped from the balcony, a move that startled nearby nurses.

On the highway, Natalia's car sped along with another car tailing close behind. Magnus, desperate to catch up, rolled down his window and shouted, "Nat! Please stop! It's dangerous!"

But Natalia couldn't hear him. All she could envision was her baby, waiting for her in the heavens. She approached a towering bridge that overlooked the ocean. Magnus was on the verge of a breakdown, trying to overtake her, but her speed was terrifying. "Please, darling! Stop the car!" he shouted.

As the bridge's railing drew closer, a serene smile appeared on Natalia's face. Perhaps, she thought, she could join her baby in the sky. The world felt too cruel, and she longed to escape.

As her car neared the center of the bridge, she closed her eyes, welcoming the peace she hoped to find...

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