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Read You Are Mine, Omega Novel By AlisTae / Synopsis

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Cover You Are Mine, Omega Novel By AlisTae

You Are Mine, Omega By AlisTae - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read You Are Mine, Omega By AlisTae PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read. .

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Detail Novel

Title: You Are Mine, Omega
Author: AlisTae
Publisher: Dreame
Genre: Werewolf

Synopsis Novel You Are Mine, Omega By AlisTae

Allison fell in love with Ethan Iversen, the soon-to-be Alpha of the Moonlight Crown pack. She always wanted him to notice her. Meanwhile, Ethan was an arrogant Alpha who thought a weak Omega could not be his companion. 

Ethan's cousin, Ryan Iversen, who came back from abroad and was the actual heir of the pack, never tried to get the position nor did he show any interest in it. He was a popular playboy Alpha but when he came back to the pack, one thing captured his eyes

and that was Allison.


In the intricate world of "You Are Mine, Omega" by AlisTae crafts a captivating tale of forbidden love and societal constraints, where an omega must reconcile her desires with the expectations of her pack.


Deep within the confines of the Silverclaw Pack, a strict hierarchy governs the lives of wolves, with alphas holding dominion over the pack, while omegas are relegated to subordinate roles. Amidst this rigid social structure, an unlikely bond blossoms between two individuals from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Amelia, an omega of exceptional beauty and intelligence, finds herself drawn to the enigmatic and powerful alpha, Marcus. Marcus, renowned for his strength and leadership, is intrigued by Amelia's independent spirit and defiance of pack norms.

Their connection is undeniable, a magnetic force that defies the boundaries of their societal positions. However, their love is forbidden, a transgression that could shatter the foundation of their pack and threaten their very existence.

Amelia and Marcus must navigate the treacherous terrain of forbidden love, concealing their affections from the watchful eyes of their packmates. They steal precious moments together, savoring the stolen intimacy and the forbidden passion that ignites their souls.

As their bond deepens, the threat of exposure looms large. Rumors of their forbidden love spread like wildfire, fueling the flames of suspicion and distrust within the pack. Amelia and Marcus find themselves caught in a web of deceit and betrayal, their love tested by the weight of societal expectations and the fear of retribution.

Determined to protect their love, Amelia and Marcus make a daring decision to escape the confines of their pack, seeking refuge in a world beyond their known boundaries. Together, they embark on a perilous journey, facing the unknown and the dangers that lie beyond the familiar borders of their pack.

Along the way, they discover the strength of their love, a bond that transcends the rigid boundaries of their society. They face challenges and trials, their love tested at every turn, but their unwavering devotion to each other remains steadfast.

"You Are Mine, Omega" is a tale of forbidden love, where two individuals from opposite sides of the pack hierarchy defy societal norms and risk everything for the chance to be together. It is a story of courage, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of a love that defies all expectations.


  • Forbidden love
  • Societal constraints
  • Self-discovery
  • The power of love
  • Omega empowerment


  • Amelia: The captivating omega protagonist, a woman of exceptional beauty and intelligence who defies pack norms.
  • Marcus: The enigmatic and powerful alpha, a man renowned for his strength and leadership.
  • Supporting cast: A group of wolves who play significant roles in the story's progression.

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   "You Are Mine, Omega" is a captivating tale of forbidden love, where two individuals from opposite sides of the pack hierarchy defy societal norms and pursue a love that defies all expectations. AlisTae's masterful storytelling transports readers into a world of intrigue, danger, and unwavering devotion, where love conquers all.    

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