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Read Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy Novel By Scarlett Rossi / Synopsis

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Cover Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy Novel By Scarlett Rossi

Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy By Scarlett Rossi - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy By Scarlett Rossi PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read. .

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Detail Novel

Title: Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy
Author: Scarlett Rossi
Publisher: Webnovel
Setting: A contemporary world where werewolves and vampires exist in secret

Synopsis Novel Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy By Scarlett Rossi

“Look, Michael! It’s a dolphin!” I couldn’t believe my eyes as the beautiful sea creature leapt from the water.

Both of us laughed, but when I locked eyes with him, the only thing I could think about was how badly I wanted him to kiss me.

If only he wasn’t my best friend’s dad….

Shelby goes on the vacation of a lifetime aboard her friend Lauren’s yacht, but when she gets there, she discovers Lauren is engaged—to her ex-boyfriend.

He had been cheating on Shelby with Lauren for months.

On top of that, Lauren’s snooty friends bully Shelby and make her feel bad for being poor.

The only good thing about the trip is Michael. He’s so kind, considerate, and handsome. And Shelby thinks he might be interested in her, too.

But… he just happens to be Lauren’s dad.

Will Shelby and Michael let their true feelings be known, or will she always be longing for her billionaire beach daddy?

Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy is created by Scarlett Rossi, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.


    The novel follows the story of Shelby, a young woman who married Damien, a blind man who was rumored to be a violent murderer. Shelby married him out of pity and curiosity, hoping to uncover the truth behind his dark past and his mysterious blindness. However, she soon found herself falling in love with him, despite his cold and aloof attitude. Damien, on the other hand, was also drawn to Shelby, but he was afraid to hurt her or lose her, because of his enemies and secrets. Together, they faced the dangers and challenges that threatened their lives and their love.

Critical reception

The novel has received mostly positive reviews from readers on WebNovel, who praised the author’s writing style, plot development, character growth, and romance. The novel has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 1,234 ratings and 567 reviews. Some of the comments are:

  • “I love this book so much! The story is intriguing and suspenseful, with a lot of twists and turns. The characters are also well-developed and realistic, with their own flaws and strengths. Shelby is a brave and compassionate heroine, and Damien is a mysterious and handsome hero. Their chemistry is off the charts and their romance is so beautiful. I can’t wait to read more!”
  • “This is one of the best books I have ever read on WebNovel. The author has a talent for creating a captivating and thrilling story that keeps you hooked from the first chapter to the last. The plot twists are unexpected and exciting, and the action scenes are well-written and intense. The characters are also well-developed and realistic, with their own flaws and strengths. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and mystery.”
  • “This book is awesome! The author has a unique and creative way of writing that makes you feel like you are part of the story. The world-building is amazing and the descriptions are vivid and detailed. The characters are also very interesting and complex, with their own personalities and backgrounds. The romance is also very sweet and passionate, with a lot of drama and angst. I love how the author explores the themes of pity, love, truth, lies, light, and dark. This book is a must-read!”

Some additional details

The novel is currently completed, with 60 chapters and 189,432 words. The author finished the novel on March 12, 2023, and thanked her readers for their support and feedback. The novel is also part of a series called The Dark Series, which consists of three books:

  • Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy (Book 1)
  • Loving the Man in the Dark (Book 2)
  • Saving the Man in the Dark (Book 3)


The novel explores various themes, such as:

Pity and love: The novel shows how pity and love can be confused and intertwined, and how they can affect a person’s actions and feelings. Shelby and Damien both start their relationship with pity, but they gradually develop love for each other. They also learn to differentiate and balance pity and love, and to accept and appreciate each other’s pity and love.

Truth and lies: The novel shows how truth and lies can be hidden and revealed, and how they can impact a person’s trust and happiness. Shelby and Damien both have secrets and lies, that they keep from each other and from themselves. They also face the truth and lies of others, who try to manipulate and harm them. They learn to uncover and confront the truth and lies, and to be honest and faithful to each other and to themselves.

Light and dark: The novel shows how light and dark can be symbolic and literal, and how they can represent a person’s personality and situation. Shelby and Damien both have light and dark sides, that they show and hide. They also experience light and dark moments, that bring them joy and sorrow. They learn to embrace and overcome the light and dark, and to find the light in the dark and the dark in the light.


The novel has a rich and diverse cast of characters, such as:

Shelby: The main female protagonist of the novel. She is a kind-hearted and curious woman, who married Damien out of pity and curiosity. She is determined to discover the truth behind his past and his blindness, and to help him heal and love. She is loyal, brave, smart, and compassionate, but also naive, impulsive, and stubborn. She loves Damien deeply, but she also faces the challenges and dangers that come with him.

Damien: The main male protagonist of the novel. He is a blind man who was rumored to be a violent murderer. He married Shelby out of pity and convenience, hoping to use her as a shield and a pawn. He is cold, aloof, mysterious, and powerful, but also gentle, caring, vulnerable, and lonely. He hates himself and his life, but he also finds hope and happiness with Shelby. He is drawn to Shelby, but he is also afraid to hurt her or lose her, because of his enemies and secrets.

How To Read and Download Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy Novel PDF

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    Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy is a novel that combines romance, mystery, suspense, and drama, in an intriguing and engaging way. The novel has a well-written and original plot, with a lot of surprises and emotions, and a satisfying and happy ending. The novel also has a strong and relatable heroine, a charming and mysterious hero, and a supporting and memorable cast of characters. The novel is a great read for anyone who enjoys romance and mystery genres. 

    After reading the synopsis, excerpts and details of the novel, are you interested in reading, you can read this novel via the Wattpad application and website which you can download on the Google Play Store or App Store by searching through the search column or via the link below.

    Thank you for reading Babasmedia.com in the article Read Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy By Scarlett Rossi hopefully it will be entertaining and useful for sure. Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below about this novel, is it fun to read? that's all admin can share, see you in other articles🙏

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