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Read Desharow His Unforgiving Duchess Novel By Sowunmi16 / Synopsis

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Cover Desharow His Unforgiving Duchess Novel BySowunmi16

Desharow His Unforgiving Duchess Novel BySowunmi16 - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read Desharow His Unforgiving Duchess Novel BySowunmi16 PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

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Detail Novel

Title: His Unforgiving Duchess
Author: Sowunmi16
Publisher: Webnovel
Other works-

Synopsis Desharow His Unforgiving Duchess Novel BySowunmi16


Staring at relief, regret, happiness, and maybe….love, Isla could not believe the man at her front was her husband, even if his appearance had not changed since her escape from the Hayes Duchy.

Compared to the indifference he clearly expressed during their five years of marriage, she wanted to laugh out loud, as she understood the reason for his disgusting emotions.

“Duke, you finally decided to find me, after your wife’s child was proven not to be yours?” Sarcasm laced her tone as painful memories resurfaced in Isla’s head.

Duke Hayes looked at his first wife, who gave him nothing but pure love in their marriage. However, he pursued another love with intentions and now he became the biggest fool.

“Isla, I know I do not owe you an explanation, but please think of our child.” he begged, desperately. He wanted her and the child back in his life.

The child that links him to Isla, his one and only real wife. The person who loved him and he will do anything to bring back that love.

“Our child or my child, Duke?” Isla sharply retorted. Then, with a blank stare, she warned icily. ” Choose your words carefully, Dante.”

Summary Desharow His Unforgiving Duchess Novel

    His Unforgiving Duchess is a historical romance novel that tells the story of Isla, a young woman who escapes from her abusive husband, Duke Hayes, after five years of marriage. She takes her son with her and starts a new life in another country. However, Duke Hayes eventually finds her and tries to win her back, claiming that he has changed and that he loves her. Isla is torn between her hatred for him and her lingering feelings for him. She also has to deal with the dangers and intrigues of the aristocratic society, as well as the secrets of her past.

Critical reception

    The novel has received mostly positive reviews from readers on WebNovel, with an average rating of 4.74 out of 5 stars. Many readers praised the author’s writing style, the plot twists, the character development, and the emotional depth of the story. Some readers also commented on the historical accuracy, the cultural diversity, and the social issues addressed in the novel. However, some readers also criticized the novel for having some grammatical errors, some unrealistic scenarios, some clichés, and some slow-paced chapters.

Additional details

The novel is part of the Trial Love Series by Sowunmi16, which also includes His Arrogant Marchioness and His Cold Baroness. The novel has 240 chapters and is completed. The novel is set in the 19th century, mostly in England and France. The novel also has some elements of mystery, suspense, drama, and comedy.


Some of the major themes of the novel are love, forgiveness, redemption, betrayal, revenge, family, loyalty, friendship, identity, and social class.


The main characters of the novel are:

Isla: The heroine of the novel, who is the first wife of Duke Hayes and the mother of his son. She is a beautiful, intelligent, strong, and independent woman, who has suffered a lot in her marriage. She is also a talented painter and a kind-hearted person, who helps the poor and the oppressed. She has a mysterious background and a hidden identity, which are revealed later in the novel.

Duke Hayes: The hero of the novel, who is the husband of Isla and the father of her son. He is a handsome, wealthy, powerful, and arrogant man, who has a reputation of being a womanizer and a tyrant. He has treated Isla badly in their marriage, cheating on her with another woman and neglecting her and their son. He has also been involved in some shady business and political schemes. However, he regrets his actions and tries to change his ways, after discovering that Isla has left him and that his son is his biological child. He is determined to find Isla and win her back, no matter what it takes.

Cameron Green: A supporting character, who is the best friend of Duke Hayes and the husband of Tim David. He is a charming, witty, and loyal man, who has a good sense of humor and a good heart. He is also a skilled swordsman and a brave fighter, who helps Duke Hayes in his quests and battles. He is in love with Tim David, a woman who disguised herself as a man and joined the army with him. He supports and respects Isla, and becomes her friend and ally.

Tim David: A supporting character, who is the wife of Cameron Green and the friend of Isla. She is a beautiful, courageous, and adventurous woman, who has disguised herself as a man and joined the army with Cameron Green. She is also a talented archer and a fierce warrior, who fights alongside Cameron Green and Duke Hayes. She loves Cameron Green, and reveals her true identity to him later in the novel. She also befriends Isla, and helps her in her troubles and challenges.

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    The novel ends with a happy ending, as Isla and Duke Hayes reconcile and renew their love for each other. They also resolve their conflicts and misunderstandings, and overcome their enemies and obstacles. They also discover the truth about Isla’s past and identity, and reunite with their long-lost family members. They also have another child, a daughter, and live happily ever after with their son. Cameron Green and Tim David also get married and have a happy life together. The novel also ends with a message of hope, forgiveness, and love.

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