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Read The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate Novel By My Fantasy Stories / Synopsis

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Cover The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate Novel By My Fantasy Stories
The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate Novel By My Fantasy Stories

The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate Novel By My Fantasy Stories - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate Novel By My Fantasy Stories PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

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Detail Novel

TitleThe Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate
AuthorMy fantasy stories
Other works-

Synopsis The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate Novel By My Fantasy Stories

Ten years had passed since Dragons ruled over the world… since Visenya took her place as Lycan Queen. Vampires were forced into the shadows now that hunting and enslaving humans was punishable by death.

The world was finally at peace…until Dragon Lord, Lucian woke from his induced sleep to discover that his entire race had been massacred by Visenya’s father. Visenya is stripped of her kingdom and forced to live out the rest of her days as Lucian’s sl**e.

The cruelest joke of all is, Visenya learns that the mate she has been so faithfully waiting for all these years, is none other than the vengeful Dragon Lord himself.

Consumed by their hatred for each other, is it enough to fight the intense mate bond between them? Will Lucian push Visenya to her absolute limit, just to regret it all in the end?

Summary The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate Novel

    The novel is a dark fantasy romance that follows the story of Visenya, a Lycan Queen who is captured and enslaved by Lucian, the last surviving Dragon Lord. Lucian seeks revenge for the genocide of his race by Visenya’s father, but he also discovers that Visenya is his fated mate. The novel explores the themes of power, betrayal, love, and redemption as Visenya and Lucian struggle with their conflicting emotions and loyalties.

Critical reception: 

    The novel has received mostly positive reviews from readers on various platforms, such as GoodNovel, NovelCat, and [Harunup]. The novel has been praised for its captivating plot, vivid world-building, and complex characters. Some readers have also enjoyed the steamy scenes and the enemies-to-lovers trope. However, some readers have also criticized the novel for its excessive violence, abuse, and rape scenes, as well as some grammatical errors and inconsistencies.

Additional details

Some additional details about the novel:

    The novel was published on GoodNovel in 2021 and has 100 chapters as of April 2024. The novel is categorized as a werewolf genre, but it also features other supernatural creatures such as dragons, vampires, witches, and fairies. The novel is written in the third-person point of view, alternating between Visenya and Lucian’s perspectives. The novel is rated 18+ for mature content and trigger warnings.


Some of the major themes of the novel are:

Revenge and forgiveness: The novel explores the consequences of seeking revenge and the possibility of forgiveness. Lucian is driven by his hatred and anger towards Visenya’s father, who wiped out his entire race. He takes out his vengeance on Visenya, who is innocent of her father’s crimes. Visenya, on the other hand, has to endure Lucian’s cruelty and torture, while also feeling a bond with him as her mate. The novel shows how revenge can consume and destroy a person, and how forgiveness can heal and restore a person.

Power and submission: The novel examines the dynamics of power and submission between Visenya and Lucian. Visenya is a powerful Lycan Queen who ruled over the world with peace and justice, but she is reduced to a slave by Lucian, who is the last of the mighty Dragon Lords. Lucian dominates and controls Visenya, forcing her to obey his every command and whim. However, the novel also reveals that power is not absolute, and that submission can be a choice. Visenya learns to resist and defy Lucian, while Lucian learns to respect and trust Visenya.

Love and hate: The novel depicts the thin line between love and hate, and how they can coexist and transform. Visenya and Lucian are enemies by nature and history, but they are also mates by destiny. They hate each other for what they have done and suffered, but they also love each other for who they are and could be. The novel shows how love and hate can fuel and weaken each other, and how they can change and grow over time.

Main Characters

Some of the main characters of the novel are:

Visenya: She is the protagonist and the Lycan Queen. She is strong, brave, compassionate, and loyal. She loves her people and her kingdom, and she strives to maintain peace and harmony among the races. She is captured and enslaved by Lucian, who is her mate. She suffers from his abuse and humiliation, but she also feels a connection and attraction to him. She tries to escape and fight back, but she also tries to understand and help him. She is conflicted between her duty and her desire, and between her hate and her love.

Lucian: He is the antagonist and the Dragon Lord. He is powerful, arrogant, ruthless, and vengeful. He hates Visenya’s father and his race, and he seeks to destroy them all. He captures and enslaves Visenya, who is his mate. He treats her cruelly and harshly, but he also feels a protectiveness and possessiveness over her. He wants to break and punish her, but he also wants to cherish and please her. He is torn between his revenge and his forgiveness, and between his love and his hate.

Other Characters: 

There are also other supporting characters in the novel, such as:

Ryker: He is Visenya’s best friend and second-in-command. He is a loyal, brave, and smart Lycan warrior. He cares for Visenya and supports her in everything. He tries to rescue her from Lucian and protect her from harm. He also has a secret crush on her, but he respects her mate bond with Lucian.

Aurora: She is Lucian’s sister and the only other surviving dragon. She is a kind, gentle, and wise dragoness. She loves Lucian and wants him to be happy. She helps Visenya and Lucian to overcome their differences and to heal their wounds. She also has a mate bond with Ryker, but she is afraid to reveal it to him.

Damien: He is Visenya’s father and the former Lycan King. He is a cruel, greedy, and ambitious Lycan tyrant. He was responsible for the genocide of the dragons, and he wanted to rule over all the races. He betrayed and killed Visenya’s mother, and he tried to kill Visenya as well. He is the main enemy and threat to Visenya and Lucian.

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    The novel ends with a happy ending for Visenya and Lucian, who manage to defeat Damien and his army, and to reconcile their feelings and differences. They become the new rulers of the world, and they bring a new era of peace and prosperity. They also have a child, who is the first hybrid of dragon and Lycan. They are happy and content with their family and their kingdom, and they look forward to their future together.

    After reading the synopsis, excerpts and details of the novel, are you interested in reading, you can read this novel via the Wattpad application and website which you can download on the Google Play Store or App Store by searching through the search column or via the link below.

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Read The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate Novel By My Fantasy Stories PDF Free klick here

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