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Read The Lycan King's Second Chance Mate Novel By Glorious Eagle / Synopsis

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Cover The Lycan King's Second Chance Mate Novel By Glorious Eagle
The Lycan King's Second Chance Mate Novel By Glorious Eagle

The Lycan King's Second Chance Mate Novel By Glorious Eagle - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read The Lycan King's Second Chance Mate Novel By Glorious Eagle PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

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Detail Novel

TitleThe Lycan King’s Second Chance Mate
AuthorGlorious Eagle
Other works-

Synopsis The Lycan King's Second Chance Mate Novel By Glorious Eagle

The happiest day of my life turned the most sorrowful when I was about to get married to my boyfriend Patrick.

A stone hearted Lycan King, Alpha lan, forced me to marry him as retribution for a debt my father owed. Rumor has it that Alpha lan hated women after his mate was mu**e*ed in cold blood, except for his most beautiful mistress.

Why won’t he just marry his mistress and leave me alone? Why separate two people in love? My name is Thea, and this is my story…

Summary The Lycan King's Second Chance Mate Novel

    Beatrice has a hard life as an omega and a rogue, constantly facing discrimination and abuse from other werewolves. Her mother decides to marry the Alpha King, hoping to give her daughter a better life. However, Beatrice soon finds out that her new stepbrothers are all her mates, and they are not happy to share her. They are also the leaders of the four strongest packs in the world: the Lycan, the Moon, the Fire, and the Ice. Beatrice has to deal with their possessiveness, jealousy, and dominance, as well as the threats from their enemies who want to harm her. Along the way, she discovers her true identity and destiny, and learns to love her mates.

Critical reception

    The novel has received mixed reviews from readers on Novelworm. Some readers praised the novel for its steamy scenes, suspenseful plot, and strong female lead. They also liked the diversity of the characters and the different personalities of the mates. Other readers criticized the novel for its poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as its unrealistic and clichéd scenarios. They also complained about the slow updates and the lack of character development.

Additional details

Some additional details about the novel: 

    The novel is rated 18+ for mature content, violence, and language. It has over 10,000 views and 300 comments on Novelworm. It is also available on other platforms such as Harunup and Google Play. The author, Glorious Eagle, is a new writer who started publishing online novels in 2023. She has two other novels on Novelworm: The Luna’s Hidden Destiny and Auctioned Mate.


Some of the themes explored in the novel are:

Mate bond: The novel explores the concept of mate bond, which is a supernatural connection between two werewolves who are destined to be together. The mate bond is supposed to be sacred and exclusive, but in the novel, it is complicated by the fact that Beatrice has four mates. The novel shows the advantages and disadvantages of having multiple mates, such as increased protection, power, and pleasure, but also increased conflict, competition, and danger.

Identity: The novel explores the theme of identity, as Beatrice struggles to find her place in the werewolf world. She has to deal with the stigma of being an omega and a rogue, as well as the expectations of being the mate of the Lycan King and his brothers. She also has to discover her true heritage and potential, as she learns that she is not an ordinary omega, but a rare and powerful one.

Power: The novel explores the theme of power, as Beatrice and her mates are involved in the politics and conflicts of the werewolf world. They have to face the challenges and enemies that come with being the rulers of the four strongest packs. They also have to balance their personal and public lives, and their responsibilities and desires.


Some of the main characters in the novel are:

Beatrice: She is the protagonist and narrator of the novel. She is an omega and a rogue, who becomes the mate of the Lycan King and his brothers. She is beautiful, smart, brave, and loyal. She has a hidden power that makes her a target for many enemies. She loves her mates, but she also values her independence and freedom.

Ian: He is the Lycan King and the leader of the Lycan Pack. He is the oldest and strongest of the four brothers. He is handsome, arrogant, cold, and ruthless. He is obsessed with Beatrice and wants to make her his alone. He is protective, possessive, and dominant over her. He has a dark past that haunts him.

Liam: He is the leader of the Moon Pack and the second oldest brother. He is charming, playful, friendly, and adventurous. He is the most easygoing and relaxed of the four brothers. He likes to tease and flirt with Beatrice, but he also respects and cares for her. He has a bright and optimistic personality that contrasts with his brother Ian’s.

Kai: He is the leader of the Fire Pack and the third oldest brother. He is hot, fierce, passionate, and rebellious. He is the most temperamental and impulsive of the four brothers. He likes to challenge and provoke Beatrice, but he also admires and supports her. He has a fiery and adventurous spirit that matches with Beatrice’s.

Zane: He is the leader of the Ice Pack and the youngest brother. He is cool, calm, intelligent, and mysterious. He is the most reserved and secretive of the four brothers. He likes to observe and analyze Beatrice, but he also surprises and intrigues her. He has a hidden and gentle side that he only shows to Beatrice.

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    The Lycan King’s Second Chance Mate is a novel that combines romance, fantasy, and drama. It follows the journey of Beatrice, an omega rogue who becomes the mate of four alpha brothers, including the Lycan King. The novel explores the themes of mate bond, identity, and power, as well as the characters’ personalities, relationships, and conflicts. The novel is intended for mature readers who enjoy werewolf stories with steamy scenes, suspenseful plot, and strong female lead. The novel is still ongoing and has not reached its final resolution.

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