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Read My Mafia Man Novel By TalesoffPeaches / Synopsis

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Cover My Mafia Man Novel By TalesoffPeaches

My Mafia Man Novel By TalesoffPeaches - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read My Mafia Man Novel By TalesoffPeaches PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

Very suitable for those of you who are looking for the latest novel recommendations, but don't know what novel to read.

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Detail Novel

Title: My Mafia Man
Author: TalesoffPeaches
Publisher: HiNovel
Other works-

Synopsis My Mafia Man Novel By TalesoffPeaches

Artemy Loskutov… Known for his icy demeanor, merciless nature, and lethal skills, I command respect and instill fear in everyone who crosses my path.

Love and affection have no place in my existence; my sole purpose is to exact vengeance upon the detestable Cavalieri mafia, responsible for my mother’s untimely demise.

When I stumble upon a young woman, battered and hiding beneath my bed, I spare her not out of kindness, but view her as a mere possession, a toy to be manipulated.

Rebecca Cavalieri… I had grown accustomed to men who sought to exploit, harm, and discard me. Trust is an elusive concept, and my heart remains hidden beneath layers of anguish.

Artemy, however, managed to unearth and rekindle the flickering flame within me. He awakened my dormant emotions.

But if he uncovers the true extent of the danger I pose to him, I risk losing not only his affection but also my very life.

Summary My Mafia Man Novel

    My Mafia Man is a romance novel by TalesoffPeaches, published on Hinovel. It tells the story of Rebecca, a young woman who escapes from an abusive relationship and finds herself in the hands of Artemy, a ruthless mafia leader who seeks revenge on the Cavalieri family, Rebecca’s relatives. The novel explores the themes of love, trust, betrayal, and redemption, as well as the dark and violent aspects of the mafia world.

    The novel has received mixed reviews from readers and critics. Some praised the author’s writing style, the plot twists, and the chemistry between the main characters. Others criticized the novel for being unrealistic, clichéd, and glorifying abusive relationships. The novel has a rating of 9.0 out of 10 on Hinovel, based on 311.0K reads and 51.0K votes.

Additional details

Some additional details about the novel are:

  • The novel has 188 chapters, each ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 words.
  • The novel is written in the first-person point of view, alternating between Rebecca and Artemy’s perspectives.
  • The novel is set in Moscow, Russia, where Artemy’s mafia organization, the Loskutovs, operates.
  • The novel features several secondary characters, such as Brayden, Artemy’s second in command, Elena, Rebecca’s best friend, and Marco, Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend and abuser.
  • The novel has several explicit scenes of violence and sex, which may not be suitable for some readers.


The novel’s main themes are:

Love: The novel explores how love can heal, transform, and empower people, as well as how love can be twisted, corrupted, and manipulated by others. Rebecca and Artemy’s relationship is based on mutual attraction, respect, and understanding, but also on fear, secrets, and lies. They have to overcome their past traumas and their present enemies to find true happiness together.

Trust: The novel examines how trust is essential for any relationship, especially in the mafia world, where betrayal is common and deadly. Rebecca and Artemy have to learn to trust each other, despite their doubts and suspicions. They also have to deal with the consequences of their actions, which may affect their trust in themselves and others.

Betrayal: The novel depicts how betrayal can destroy lives, families, and organizations, as well as how betrayal can be motivated by different reasons, such as greed, jealousy, revenge, or fear. Rebecca and Artemy are both betrayed by their own blood, the Cavalieris, who are responsible for their suffering and pain. They also face betrayal from their allies and enemies, who have their own agendas and interests.

Redemption: The novel shows how redemption can be achieved through forgiveness, sacrifice, and justice, as well as how redemption can be elusive, costly, and painful. Rebecca and Artemy both seek redemption for their mistakes and sins, as well as for their loved ones who died or suffered because of them. They also have to face the consequences of their choices, which may not always lead to a happy ending.


The novel’s main characters are:

Rebecca Cavalieri: The female protagonist of the novel. She is a 22-year-old woman who escapes from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Marco, and ends up in Artemy’s mansion. She is kind, brave, and loyal, but also naive, insecure, and vulnerable. She has a passion for photography and dreams of becoming a professional photographer. She falls in love with Artemy, despite knowing his dangerous and ruthless nature. She is the niece of Lorenzo Cavalieri, the head of the Cavalieri mafia, who killed Artemy’s mother.

Artemy Loskutov: The male protagonist of the novel. He is a 28-year-old man who is the leader of the Loskutov mafia, one of the most powerful and feared organizations in Russia. He is cold, cruel, and merciless, but also smart, charismatic, and protective. He has a vendetta against the Cavalieri mafia, who killed his mother when he was a child. He finds Rebecca hiding under his bed and decides to keep her as his possession and toy. He develops feelings for Rebecca, despite knowing her true identity and his plans for revenge.

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    Rebecca and Artemy manage to defeat Lorenzo and his allies, who try to kill them and take over their territories. They also discover that Marco was working for Lorenzo and that he was the one who kidnapped and tortured Rebecca before she escaped. They kill Marco and Lorenzo, avenging their loved ones and ending their feud. 

    Rebecca and Artemy confess their love for each other and decide to start a new life together, away from the mafia world. They get married and have a daughter, whom they name Elena, after Rebecca’s best friend who died in the crossfire. They live happily ever after, surrounded by their friends and family.

    After reading the synopsis, excerpts and details of the novel, are you interested in reading, you can read this novel via the Wattpad application and website which you can download on the Google Play Store or App Store by searching through the search column or via the link below.

    Thank you for reading Babasmedia.com in the article Read My Mafia Man Novel By TalesoffPeaches hopefully it will be entertaining and useful for sure. Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below about this novel, is it fun to read? that's all admin can share, see you in other articles🙏

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