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Retribution Of The Divorced Heiress Novel By Lilian Mag / Read and Synopsis

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Cover Retribution Of The Divorced Heiress Novel By Lilian Mag
Retribution Of The Divorced Heiress Novel By Lilian Mag

Retribution Of The Divorced Heiress Novel By Lilian Mag - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read Retribution Of The Divorced Heiress Novel By Lilian Mag, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

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Detail Novel

TitleRetribution Of The Divorced Heiress
AuthorLilian Mag
Other works-
Cover Retribution Of The Divorced Heiress

Synopsis Retribution Of The Divorced Heiress Novel By Lilian Mag

Yesenia Hayden, who had a secret identity, had always been considered as just an ordinary woman. But in fact, she was a member of the richest family in Grenia, and her grandfather had been waiting at home for her to inherit all the industries and assets of the Yates family. She willingly endured three years of humiliation for a man, but she still couldn’t get the man’s heart.

Morgan Hayden, who had had a talent for business since he was a child, founded the Hayden Group in Grenia, giving the impoverished Hayden family immense wealth and prestige. He married the attractive Yesenia but didn’t cherish the time he spent with her. During the three years, they had a child, but they lost it.

Yesenia couldn’t get the child out of her mind and was often saddened by its loss. However, she didn’t get Morgan’s comfort but found out he was with another woman. As a result, Yesenia filed for divorce and left the Hayden family without looking back. She regained her identity and started her new life.


    The novel is about a woman named Evelyn who was betrayed by her husband and his mistress. She decided to divorce him and take revenge on them by using her wealth and power. Along the way, she met a mysterious man named Lucas who helped her in her plans and fell in love with her. However, Lucas had a secret identity and a hidden agenda that could change everything.

Critical reception

    The novel has mixed reviews from readers. Some praised the novel for its plot twists, romance, and empowering female protagonist. Others criticized the novel for its clichés, poor grammar, and unrealistic scenarios.

Some additional details: 

    The novel is a Chinese web novel that was translated into English by Novelebook1. It has 1,200 chapters and is categorized as a romance, drama, and revenge genre. The novel is also known as The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge or Heredera Divorciada in Spanish23.


    The novel explores themes such as betrayal, revenge, love, power, identity, and redemption. It shows how Evelyn transformed from a naive and trusting wife to a ruthless and cunning heiress. It also shows how Lucas struggled with his loyalty and his feelings for Evelyn.


The main characters of the novel are:

Evelyn: The female protagonist and the divorced heiress. She is smart, beautiful, rich, and powerful. She was betrayed by her husband and his mistress, who tried to kill her and take her fortune. She survived and vowed to take revenge on them. She met Lucas and fell in love with him, but later discovered his true identity and motive.

Lucas: The male protagonist and the mysterious man. He is handsome, charming, skilled, and secretive. He works for a secret organization that targets corrupt and evil people. He was assigned to infiltrate Evelyn’s life and get close to her. He helped her in her revenge and fell in love with her, but he also had a hidden mission that could endanger their relationship.

Daniel: The antagonist and Evelyn’s ex-husband. He is greedy, selfish, cruel, and unfaithful. He married Evelyn for her money and status, but he cheated on her with his mistress, who was also his half-sister. He tried to kill Evelyn and take her fortune, but he failed and faced Evelyn’s wrath.

Lily: The antagonist and Daniel’s mistress. She is cunning, vicious, seductive, and manipulative. She is Daniel’s half-sister from his father’s affair, but she hid this fact and pretended to be his lover. She schemed with Daniel to kill Evelyn and take her fortune, but she also failed and suffered Evelyn’s revenge.

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    The novel ends with a happy ending for Evelyn and Lucas. After overcoming many obstacles and enemies, they finally confessed their true feelings and forgave each other. They got married and lived happily ever after. Daniel and Lily were exposed and punished for their crimes. Evelyn also reconciled with her family and friends who supported her throughout her ordeal.

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Read Retribution Of The Divorced Heiress Novel By Lilian Mag klick here

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