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Read The Trap Of Ace Novel By Eva Zahan / Synopsis

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Cover The Trap Of Ace Novel By Eva Zahan
The Trap Of Ace Novel By Eva Zahan

The Trap Of Ace Novel By Eva Zahan - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read The Trap Of Ace Novel By Eva Zahan PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

Very suitable for those of you who are looking for the latest novel recommendations, but don't know what novel to read.

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Detail Novel

TitleThe Trap Of Ace
AuthorEva Zahan
Other works-

Synopsis The Trap Of Ace Novel By Eva Zahan

Seven years ago, Emerald Hutton had left her family and friends behind for high school in New York City, cradling her broken heart in her hands, to escape just only one person.

Her brother’s best friend, whom she loved from the day he’d saved her from bullies at the age of seven. Broken by the boy of her dreams and betrayed by her loved ones, Emerald had learned to bury the pieces of her heart in the deepest corner of her memories.

Until seven years later, she has to come back to her hometown after finishing her college. The place where now the cold-hearted stone of a billionaire resides, whom her dead heart once used to beat for.

Scarred by his past, Achilles Valencian had turned into the man everyone feared. The scorch of his life had filled his heart with bottomless darkness. And the only light that had kept him sane, was his Rosebud. A girl with freckles and turquoise eyes he’d adored all his life. His best friend’s little sister.

After years of distance, when the time has finally come to capture his light into his territory, Achilles Valencian will play his game. A game to claim what’s his.

Will Emerald be able to distinguish the flames of love and desire, and charms of the wave that had once flooded her to keep her heart safe? Or she will let the devil lure her into his trap? Because no one ever could escape from his games. He gets what he wants. And this game is called…The trap of Ace.

Summary The Trap Of Ace Novel

The Trap Of Ace is a romance novel by Eva Zahan, published in 2022. It is the first book in the Obsessive Billionaires series. The novel tells the story of Emerald Hutton, who returns to her hometown after seven years, only to face her childhood crush and brother’s best friend, Achilles Valencian, a ruthless billionaire who wants to claim her as his own. The novel explores themes of love, betrayal, obsession, and redemption.

Critical Reception

The novel has received mixed reviews from readers, who praised the author’s writing style, plot, and characters, but also criticized the grammar, spelling, and portrayal of unhealthy relationships. The novel has a rating of 3.99 out of 5 stars on Goodreads1, based on 675 ratings and 88 reviews.

Some of the positive reviews are:

“I am proud and honoured to have read The Trap of Ace by Eva Zahan. For this story carries the weight of a classically Written romance with a hint of modernism added to it’s story line. Ace and His Rosebud feel as real as any living human being in the real world. Their story one a test of sacrifice, pain, betrayal and of pure love between two souls.” (Goodreads review)

“What an amazing book! This book left a lasting impression. The novel masterfully interlaces themes of love and loss, offering readers a profound journey through the intricacies of the heart. The characters are well-developed, and the plot unfolds in a way that keeps you engaged until the last page. The author’s exploration of the human experience is both thought-provoking and heartwarming.” (AlphaNovel review2)

Some of the negative reviews are:

“I started to read this novel due to the lack of ideas on what to read next and pretty pushy FB ads. Unfortunately, I usually tend to read the book from cover to cover, even if I don’t like it at first, to give it a chance. What can I say? It looks like a straight “50 shades of grey” fanfic, with the same poor language, stylistics, metaphors, plot twists, repetitive erotic scenes, and morally challenged heroes. Both protagonists are the perfect picture of codependent relationships full of gaslighting, psychosis, control, and manipulation. Both of them made me feel infuriatingly annoyed. This book promotes unhealthy relationships and serves the concept to the reader as something romantic and desirable. In real life - you see a guy like that, you run as fast as you can; and preferably leave him a good psychologist number. I would not advise this kind of read to anyone, tbh. You can spend your time more wisely than I did.” (Goodreads review)

“Not what I was expecting I wanted to love this book, I am a person who once starting a book I need to finish. With that being said I almost put this book down twice, but it cause to much anxiety. So I finished it. Trigger If you have ever suffered from mental abuse in a relationship or with a Narcissist. This book might not be for you. The controlling every aspect of someone’s life, from job, what they wear, were they can and can’t, to whom you can’t talk too, and stalking is deeply romanticized in this book. Not in a bdsm way either. Nothing sane about the man male character. So… I finished it but I regret spending money on it.” (Goodreads review)

Some additional details about the novel are:

  • The novel is the first book in the ‘Obsessive Billionaires’ series, which features different couples with similar themes of possessive and dominant heroes, and sweet and innocent heroines.
  • The novel is available on various platforms, such as Goodnovel, Anystories, Moboreader, Babelnovel, iReader, Bravonovel, Novelstar, Wattpad, and Inkitt. However, most of these platforms require payment to read the full story.
  • The novel has a length of 584 pages, and contains 76 chapters and a prologue.
  • The novel has a mature content warning, as it contains explicit scenes of violence, sex, and abuse.


The main characters of the novel are:

Emerald Hutton: The female protagonist, who is a 22-year-old college graduate with a degree in journalism. She has freckles, turquoise eyes, and long brown hair. She is kind, smart, loyal, and brave, but also insecure, naive, and stubborn. She has been in love with Achilles since she was seven, but he broke her heart when he rejected her on her sixteenth birthday. She moved to New York to escape him, but returns to her hometown after finishing her college. She works as a reporter for a local newspaper, and hopes to become a successful journalist someday.

Achilles Valencian: The male protagonist, who is a 28-year-old billionaire and the CEO of Valencian Industries, a multinational corporation that deals with various businesses, such as technology, media, and real estate. He has stormy grey eyes, black hair, and a muscular body. He is cold, ruthless, arrogant, and manipulative, but also protective, possessive, and passionate. He has a dark and traumatic past, which has made him distrustful and cynical. He has always been obsessed with Emerald, his best friend’s little sister, and plans to make her his by any means necessary.

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    After a series of conflicts, misunderstandings, and revelations, Emerald and Achilles finally confess their true feelings for each other, and decide to give their relationship a chance. They overcome their insecurities, fears, and doubts, and learn to trust and respect each other. They also reconcile with their families and friends, who support their love. They get married in a lavish ceremony, and have a happy and blissful life together. They also have a daughter, whom they name Rose, after Emerald’s nickname. They are the perfect picture of a happy and loving family.

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