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Read I Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance Novel By Willow Bark / Synopsis

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Cover I Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance Novel By Willow Bark
I Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance Novel By Willow Bark

I Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance Novel By Willow Bark - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read I Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance Novel By Willow Bark PDF, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

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Detail Novel

TitleI Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance
AuthorWillow Bark
Other works-

Synopsis I Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance Novel By Willow Bark

Carol Renae never thought that she would catch the attention of Titus Black, the man with the highest status in Northvale, after running into him once.

However, after they ran into each other a few more times “by accident”, Carol demanded, “What do you want, Titus Black?!”Titus cupped her face and stared into her eyes. “You,” he answered playfully.

Summary I Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance Novel

    The novel is a dark fantasy romance that follows the story of Visenya, a Lycan Queen who is captured and enslaved by Lucian, the last surviving Dragon Lord. Lucian seeks revenge for the genocide of his race by Visenya’s father, but he also discovers that Visenya is his fated mate. The novel explores the themes of power, betrayal, love, and redemption as Visenya and Lucian struggle with their conflicting emotions and loyalties.

Critical reception

    The novel has received mostly positive reviews from readers on various platforms, such as GoodNovel, NovelCat, and [Harunup]. Some of the praises include the author’s creativity, the plot twists, the character development, and the steamy scenes. Some of the criticisms include the grammatical errors, the slow pace, the violence, and the cliffhangers.

Additional details

Some additional details about the novel:

    The novel is written by My Fantasy Stories, a pseudonym of an anonymous author who has published several other works in the fantasy genre, such as The Dragon Prince’s Bride, The Dragon King’s Mate, and The Dragon Lord’s Consort. The novel is currently ongoing with 88 chapters and over 1.2 million views on GoodNovel. The novel is also available on NovelCat and [Harunup] with different titles and covers.


The novel deals with various themes, such as:

Fate and free will: The novel questions whether the characters can choose their own destiny or are bound by their mate bond and their roles in the world. Visenya and Lucian have to face the consequences of their actions and decisions, as well as the expectations and pressures from their respective races.

Hatred and forgiveness: The novel shows how hatred can consume and destroy a person, as well as how forgiveness can heal and restore a person. Visenya and Lucian have to overcome their mutual hatred and resentment, as well as their own guilt and regrets, in order to find peace and happiness.

Love and sacrifice: The novel portrays how love can be both a blessing and a curse, as well as how sacrifice can be both noble and selfish. Visenya and Lucian have to balance their love for each other and their loyalty to their people, as well as their own needs and desires, in order to survive and thrive.


The novel features various characters, such as:

Visenya: The female protagonist and the Lycan Queen. She is strong, brave, loyal, and compassionate. She has silver hair, violet eyes, and a curvy figure. She can shift into a silver wolf with purple eyes. She is the daughter of King Aegon, the leader of the Lycan Alliance, and the mate of Lucian, the Dragon Lord.

Lucian: The male protagonist and the last Dragon Lord. He is powerful, ruthless, arrogant, and vengeful. He has black hair, red eyes, and a muscular body. He can shift into a black dragon with red scales and eyes. He is the son of King Rhaegar, the former ruler of the Dragon Empire, and the mate of Visenya, the Lycan Queen.

Rhaella: The female antagonist and the Vampire Queen. She is cunning, cruel, ambitious, and manipulative. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slender figure. She can control blood and shadows. She is the daughter of King Aerys, the leader of the Vampire Coalition, and the enemy of Visenya and Lucian.

Aegon: The secondary antagonist and the Lycan King. He is wise, proud, stubborn, and protective. He has brown hair, green eyes, and a tall stature. He can shift into a brown wolf with green eyes. He is the father of Visenya, the leader of the Lycan Alliance, and the ally of Rhaella.

Daenerys: The supporting character and the Dragon Princess. She is kind, gentle, innocent, and curious. She has silver hair, purple eyes, and a petite frame. She can shift into a white dragon with purple scales and eyes. She is the sister of Lucian, the heir of the Dragon Empire, and the friend of Visenya.

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How To Read and Download I Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance Novel PDF

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    The novel is a captivating and thrilling read for fans of fantasy romance, especially those who enjoy the enemies-to-lovers trope, the master-and-slave dynamic, and the fated-mate concept. The novel offers a rich and complex world-building, a gripping and unpredictable plot, and a passionate and emotional romance. The novel also challenges the readers to think about the moral and ethical dilemmas that the characters face, as well as the social and political issues that the novel reflects. The novel is not for the faint of heart, as it contains graphic scenes of violence, abuse, and sex. The novel is recommended for mature readers who are looking for a dark and edgy fantasy romance.

   After reading the synopsis, excerpts and details of the novel, are you interested in reading, you can read this novel via the Wattpad application and website which you can download on the Google Play Store or App Store by searching through the search column or via the link below.

    Thank you for reading Babasmedia.com in the article Read I Prefer a Slow-Paced Romance Novel By Willow Bark hopefully it will be entertaining and useful for sure. Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below about this novel, is it fun to read? that's all admin can share, see you in other articles🙏

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