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Alpha's Venom Novel By frankie nero / Read and Synopsis

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Cover Alpha's Venom Novel By frankie nero

Alpha's Venom Novel By frankie nero - Hello everyone.. How are you, I hope you are well and healthy always... In this article Babasmedia.com will share a novel Read Alpha's Venom Novel By frankie nero, this novel is quite popular and is sought after by novel readers, making this novel very interesting for you to read.

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Detail Novel

Title: Alpha's Venom
Author: frankie nero
Publisher: Dreame
Ratings: -
Genre: Werewolf
Language: English

Synopsis Alpha's Venom Novel By frankie nero

It is known since time immemorial that werewolves mark their mates with a bite. But what if that was not the complete truth? What if not all bites were a marking process? What if some bites were for sadistic purposes? Some bites from a rare kind of werewolves contain a special toxin that can break even the will of the most obstinate and corrupt the body with pure lust.

Ellie Cortex is an omega of the Red Oak pack and is mostly shunned because of that status. She works as a waitress by day and a stripper by night to take care of herself and her only surviving family member, her younger brother, Eric. But when a certain night brings Theo, the Alpha of the pack, to her club, the stubborn and independent Ellie has her fate tied to his as payback for her defiance. Her destiny is rewritten. And it all starts with a bite.


Alpha’s Venom” introduces us to Ellie Vortex, an omega of the Red Oak pack. She works as a waitress during the day and moonlights as a stripper to support herself and her younger brother, Eric. Her life takes an unexpected turn when Theo, the Alpha of the pack, visits her club one night. Their paths collide, and Ellie’s fate becomes entwined with his as payback for her defiance. The story kicks off with a bite that changes everything.


The novel revolves around Ellie and Theo’s complex relationship. As an omega, Ellie faces discrimination within the pack, but her resilience and independence shine through. When Theo enters her life, their chemistry sizzles, and secrets unravel. Expect werewolf dynamics, passion, and unexpected twists.

Critical Reception:

Alpha’s Venom” has garnered positive reviews, with readers praising the intense romance, intriguing plot, and well-developed characters. The author’s writing style keeps readers engaged from start to finish.


Identity and Acceptance: Ellie grapples with her status as an omega and learns to embrace her uniqueness.

Forbidden Love: The attraction between Ellie and Theo defies pack norms.

Power Dynamics: The struggle for dominance and control plays a significant role.


The plot unfolds as Ellie navigates her dual life, balancing her responsibilities and newfound connection with Theo. Expect tension, passion, and unexpected challenges.


Ellie Vortex: Independent, resilient, and determined.

Theo: The enigmatic Alpha with secrets of his own.

Eric: Ellie’s protective younger brother.

Novel Quotes:

“Don’t you dare,” he growled. “Don’t you ever feel ashamed of your body before me.”

“You have a beautiful body,” he whispered. “Be proud of it. Especially when you stand before your mate.”

Author Introduction:

Frankie Nero weaves tales of romance and intrigue, capturing readers with her vivid imagination and relatable characters.

Writing Style:

Nero’s writing is evocative, drawing readers into the supernatural world. Expect descriptive prose and emotional depth.

Point of View:

The story is primarily told from Ellie’s perspective, allowing readers to experience her journey firsthand.

Final Thoughts:

Alpha’s Venom” combines werewolf lore, passion, and suspense. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and a love story that transcends boundaries.

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    In a world where fate and desire collide, Ellie and Theo’s love story unfolds. “Alpha’s Venom” is a thrilling read for fans of paranormal romance. 🌟

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Read Alpha's Venom Novel By frankie nero klick here

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